Best Apps That Will Help You Increase Your Productivity

boost productivity

The progress in digital technology has made life easier for everyone. However, it comes with certain setbacks. One major complaint shared by most people is about reduced attention spans. Gone are the days when you could sit down to do a task for long hours with no break. Now, you can’t go long without checking your phone screen. In fact, most people start feeling unsettled if they take long breaks from any digital activity. Naturally, this has meant that people’s productivity levels have seen a drastic shift.

The biggest culprit here is usually your smartphone. This is because in this age, you can use your phone for anything and everything. From messaging friends to watching shows on apps like the one by Spectrum TV along with the Spectrum internet plans, you can do anything on impulse. With the world at your fingertips, it is no surprise that you can’t focus on tasks.

This is especially of concern lately, when many people are working from home. Moreover, the need to stay in contact with office colleagues makes it necessary to be online. Work these days is also done on computers, of course. This makes it even hard to focus, since you can’t turn off the internet. Therefore, you must have methods to help you complete your tasks. Luckily, there are many apps you can download to minimize distractions and increase your productivity.


This app helps you by targeting the main problem: distracting apps. Using the Freedom app, you can free yourself from all distractions by blocking certain apps on your phone. You can make a custom list of apps to block. For example, social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where you can scroll for hours. With the Freedom app, you can simply set a time frame for blocking such apps. This way, you can block all distractions during the time you need to be working. Moreover, this app is free and available on both Android and iOS.


This is the best app you could ever need to keep track of your tasks. Using Todoist, you can easily make to-do lists to help you complete your work. Not only will you be able to make checklists and time-tables, but you will also get reminders! Yes, the app comes with a reminder feature. You simply have to set a due date for your task and stop worrying about forgetting it.

Additionally, you can set location-based reminders. With such helpful features, including the ability to categorize your lists, this free app is a life-saver.


Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps around, and for good reason! This app is good for everyone, but a favorite for writers. From writing templates to a word processor, this app has everything. You can use this app in place of other writing software because it comes with all stylistic tools. For instance, you can use bold or italics options which are usually not found in notepad apps.

Moreover, this app can support all kinds of media! Whether you want to record an audio or sketch a quick doodle, this app will come through. You can even attach images to your notes to easily compile all your data in one place. Another great perk of this app is that you can install it on multiple devices and sync your data.  This means you can access all your data, from anywhere at all!


The Forest app stands out from other productivity apps. While it also helps you focus on your work, it does it through a reward system. Using the Forest is simple, and fun! You only need to set a timer for yourself, which can help you complete your tasks without pausing. But there’s a catch! When you keep working while the timer runs, you are growing a tree on the app. If you complete your task with success, you get to plant that tree. However, if you get distracted and exit the Forest app, your tree dies.

Thus, this app uses a creative method of keeping you focused on work. The best part? If you use the paid version of the app, you can plant actual trees! So use the Forest app to stay productive and also help the planet!