Chinese Interactive Story Games – The Unicorn of the Subgenres

Chinese Interactive Story Games - The Unicorn of the Subgenres

You’re more than likely acquainted with conventional Western interactive tale video games like Choices: Stories You Play and Episode – Choose Your Story, the place you practice characters’ trips, make choices, and grow via the storyline. So many of those video games percentage not unusual subject matters, however, the very last thing you’d be expecting in an interactive tale recreation is a PvE boss mode, proper? 

Things are beautiful other in terms of Chinese interactive tale video games. From hybrid gameplay parts, meta layers, and extra monetization choices, let’s check out some of the major variations between Chinese and Western interactive tale video games.  

Interactive tale video games are video games with mild gameplay mechanics, and the major center of attention is interactive storytelling. Usually, avid gamers could make choices (e.g., discussion alternatives) that impact how the tale progresses and the way different characters engage with you in the long run.

Recently, we’ve noticed a gentle build-up of new interactive tale video games making it into the most sensible-grossing 200 charts in the Chinese iOS marketplace. The style has unquestionably gained the hearts of Chinese cellular avid gamers, however, there are a pair of variations between Western interactive tale video games and people who are gaining an extra reputation in China. 

In the Western marketplace, tales generally revolve around drama and romance subject matters, however, there’s a risk for different sorts of tales too, reminiscent of the interactive tale recreation Choices, the place the participant can practice journey and delusion-themed tales. Monetization could also be enthusiastic about the intention of progressing in the tale. There is ceaselessly a chance to liberate top-class alternatives and top-class clothes/equipment with the use of top-class forex. The Western interactive tale video games may additionally comprise some mild social parts, reminiscent of sharing tales with different avid gamers.

But what about Chinese interactive tale video games? Similar to how different genres are tailored for the-country markets, Chinese interactive tale video games range from their Western opposite numbers in different techniques. Let’s find out the variations and the particular characteristics the Chinese video games have.

The storyline and core gameplay

Chinese interactive tale video games generally tend to additionally center of attention on a romantic theme, simply like their Western siblings. In addition to like, there can be some type of “success” tale – the participant’s avatar needs to develop into a hit in lifestyles. For instance, in Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice (恋与制作人), the participant needs to develop into a hit media manufacturer.

Core gameplay in Mr Love: Queen's Choice

The core gameplay is relatively very similar to the Western interactive tale video games in maximum portions. Players grow via video games through following the tale and now and again making choices on the way to answer, which able impact how the storyline builds up. 

What makes Chinese interactive tale video games other than Western ones is their use of hybrid gameplay parts in the core gameplay along the major tale. In Day and Night (光与夜之恋), avid gamers must transparent particular PvE ranges in between the storyline segments. These particular ranges contain avid gamers combating and having to burst “bubbles” with the participant’s characters to gather a required quantity of jigsaw puzzle items within of them to cross the degree, in addition to a rhythm recreation of the place the participant must cross with a purpose to grow in the storyline.

Day and Night: Bursting the bubbles with character cards on the left and rhythm game on the right.

In some other interactive tale recreation, I’m a True Princess (我本千金), avid gamers combat in opposition to NPCs from the storyline with their major persona/avatar in an automatic struggle, in addition to bosses with their assortment of upgradable characters.

Meta parts in Chinese interactive tale video games

One means Chinese interactive tale video games are unique from Western ones may also be noticed of their meta parts. In China, those video games center of attention on developing a personality roster and upgrading and creating those characters with the purpose to reach the core gameplay. In Day and Night, the participant wishes male characters to grow via PvE battles, whilst I’m a True Princess calls for avid gamers to make use of their persona roster to combat in boss battles, each in the major storyline in addition to in different play modes.

Companion characters in I'm a True Princess

These video games ceaselessly have a romantic theme, and there also are some good-looking boys to gather. In I’m a True Princess, avid gamers can engage with the male characters known as “male friends,” which range from the already-discussed upgradeable characters wanted in the core gameplay. Players can build up their courting degree with those male characters via discussion and through serving them drinks or meals. There could also be a PvE mode comparable to those characters, which we explain additional down.

Male friends in I'm a True Princess

Similar to the West, Chinese interactive tale video games center attention so much on clothes and type. There are generally several techniques to embellish a personality or a set of characters with skins and ornamental pieces, some of that has gameplay results too. 

In I’m a True Princess, items of clothes and clothes units for the avatar persona supply issues had to cross via ranges. For instance, a participant would possibly want 1500 issues to grow the storyline. A get dressed is valued at 842 issues, a bag at 106, and sneakers at 205, gathering into the number of issues the outfit has. If the participant’s outfit exceeds the number of issues required, they cross the degree. If it falls under, this incentivizes avid gamers to shop for extra clothes so they can grow additional.

I'm a True Princess: pieces of clothing give certain amount of points

In basic, monetization specializes in ornamental sides and particularly in gathering and creating the characters, which differs from the monetization of Western interactive tale video games that generally center attention on simply monetizing the top class alternatives and ornamental parts. There are some ways to gather characters or the pieces required to degree them up. One of the maximum not unusual techniques is to gather characters and pieces from everlasting or restricted-time gachas. 

Left: I'm a True Princess: decorative accessories from limited-time gachas. Right: Day and Night: collecting characters from a gacha.

Chinese interactive tale video games even have several sorts of power mechanics. One of the maximum not unusual makes use of power is to devour it and grow via the storyline chapters, however, there are alternative ways to make use of power in those video games, reminiscent of having the ability to play other PvP and PvE modes in I’m a True Princess. The participant will get to play those modes an undeniable quantity of instances each day, but when they need to proceed taking part in them, they want to acquire extra power.

I'm a True Princess: After using all the energy, the player needs to wait for it to replenish or buy cards to gain energy back faster.

In I’m a True Princess, the core gameplay itself isn’t limited through a power mechanic, however, the participant must have a formidable-sufficient participant avatar or significant other characters to continue via chapters, and this calls for some pieces or enjoy. This may also be received from taking part in different recreation modes or accrued from a style known as “party,” which enhances engagement through incentivizing avid gamers to come back again to the recreation and accumulate extra pieces. 

I'm a True Princess: a "party" mode for collecting required items to progress in the gameplay.

Other not unusual ways in which avid gamers can download other pieces are via struggle cross plans, paid development plans, and/or subscription plans. Chinese variations of those video games are extra content material heavy than Western interactive tale video games as they provide a wide range of gameplay content material and play modes. It’s additionally one of the causes those video games have a various pool of monetization choices. Different purchasable plans generally be offering top-class forex which can be utilized to buy a bunch of issues wanted in the recreation, reminiscent of cushy forex or pieces had to improve characters. 

Social parts and different recreation modes: Guilds and PvP/PvE

The maximum unique function of Chinese interactive tale video games is their emphasis on social sides, reminiscent of separate PvP and PvE modes, in addition to guild mechanics. Let’s check out a couple of examples of how those video games have included other recreation modes and social parts.

interactive story games the popularity of social features

In I’m a True Princess, avid gamers can sign up for a guild to get admission to advantages from the co-op options, reminiscent of expanding their probabilities of getting pieces they want to grow via gameplay and collaborating in co-op duties that give all avid gamers additional praise when milestones are finished.

I'm a True Princess: Guild benefits, co-op tasks, guild shop and donation systems provide more benefits to the player.

In the Chinese marketplace, the gameplay isn’t just restricted to following a storyline and making choices. Games additionally produce other recreation modes with PvP and PvE parts. In I’m a True Princess, PvP modes center of attention both on combating in opposition to bosses and different avid gamers’ significant other roster or dressing up their avatar persona and competing in opposition to different avid gamers in a clothes contest.

I'm a True Princess: PvP mode where the player dresses up the avatar character for a dress competition.

In Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice’s PVP mode, the participant paperwork her leisure corporate by settling on 3 in-recreation characters to compete with different avid gamers’ corporations, aligning with the recreation’s theme of media manufacturing. The asynchronous PvP mode additionally has a leaderboard the place avid gamers can observe their rank and examine it with different avid gamers. 

Mr Love: Queen's Choice: asynchronous PvP mode

I’m a True Princess additionally has PvE modes to increase the avid gamers’ gameplay enjoyment, providing some attention-grabbing examples of the way to increase interactive tale video games with different gameplay parts. In one ‘choosing’ mode, avid gamers are requested questions reminiscent of “which of the guys do you want to be a model to present the clothes you have designed?” and the participant can then pick out one of the introduced guys for the process.

I'm a True Princess: A choosing mode

Another PvE mode is said to be the already-discussed male buddy mode, the place avid gamers can support their relationships with other male buddies. In addition to giving items to the male buddies and speaking to them to extend the courting degree, every male buddy conceals their very own trail of a PvE mode with ranges to finish. This PvE mode specializes in dressing characters in a clothes mixture that provides sufficient issues to cross the degree. By gathering outfits and items of clothes that experience a top degree of issues, avid gamers build up their probabilities of progressing via those ranges.

I'm a True Princess: PvE mode in Male Friend mode. The points from each piece of clothing or accessories must reach a certain level, so the player either passes or succeeds the level.


While they percentage equivalent to core tale mechanics, Chinese interactive tale video games range from the Western interactive tale video games with their emphasis on RPG-like parts, reminiscent of gathering a roster of characters, upgrading them, and ceaselessly fighting them in PvE and PvP modes. You too can be expecting to peer extra meta layers and hybrid gameplay parts in Chinese interactive tale video games. 

The emphasis stays on development via the major storyline, however, the gameplay enjoyment is spiced up with some unique recreation modes and the courting the participant has with their avatar and persona roster.

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