Facts About Fashion And Clothing That You Didn’t Know About



When it comes to fashion, some people love to go with the ongoing trend. But, at the same time, others like to keep their dresses simple. You would have seen different fashion trends come and go throughout your life. However, many of them are even making a comeback with some modifications. We’ve seen such trends in girls dresses, and to be honest, people all around the world love them.

There are a lot of people who fail to keep up with the latest trends, and then there are people who just can not get enough of them. So, it doesn’t matter whether you hate them or love them; you’ll for sure love the fascinating facts about fashion and clothing listed below.

20 Interesting Facts About Fashion

  1. On average, a person owns seven to eight pairs of blue jeans.
  2. Although men have been seen wearing shorts for decades, after World war II, women were also allowed to wear them in public because of less availability of fabric.
  3. T-Shirts are one of the most popular clothing items in the world. More than 2 billion T-shirts are sold around the world every year.
  4. High heel shoes were invented in the 18th century. The high heels were fashionable for the children as well.
  5. At the beginning of the 19th century, there were no professional models to showcase clothes. Fashion brands used mannequins for their clothes.
  6. Most popular brands tend to burn their old stock in order to keep a tight hold on their exclusivity.
  7. The color white has always been used as a color of mourning, but right after Queen Victoria wore it for a wedding, the trend changed.
  8. The most common material for clothing is cotton, linen, and polyester.
  9. Makeup for women has been dated back since the reign of Cleopatra. Back then, people used berries and other fruits to give their faces some color.
  10. Around a century ago, if a woman had trimmed her hair short, people thought that she was being unfaithful to her spouse.
  11. Roman used to wear yellow clothes at their wedding events.
  12. The blue color signifies loyalty. This is the main reason why the police uniform has the color blue in it.
  13. Lipstick is usually the most common item that you will find in any cosmetic or makeup store.
  14. Do you know that the main ingredient of lipstick is fish scales?
  15. The Cardigans are cozy and comfortable to wear now. However, the idea was to create a knitted military jacket at first.
  16. Did you know that each year million tons of textile material are trashed?
  17. Marilyn Monroe’s dress was auctioned for $1.26 million in 1999.
  18. Neckties were called Cravats.
  19. China is the largest producer of cotton. They bring over 90 million yards of material into the industry each year.
  20. Before 1850, clothing was seen as a necessity rather than fashion among the poor.

These were just some of the facts about fashion and clothing that a few people know. Keep in mind that fashion trends come and go. But while some of the trends do make a comeback. Any clothing item will disappear from the runways in some time. So, it is highly suggested that you keep up with the trends.

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Fashion Trend Disasters

As we’ve said before, fashion trends are most likely to come back. But here are some of the trends that we all wish never come back.

  1. Demin With Exposed Pockets
  2. Furry High Boots
  3. The Shutter Shades
  4. Wide Belts
  5. Cold Shoulder tops
  6. The Gladiator Sandals
  7. High Platform Flip Flops
  8. Shell Necklace
  9. See Through Heels
  10. Sweater Vests
  11. Leg Warmers
  12. Low Rise Jeans
  13. Belly Chains
  14. Long Demin Skirts
  15. Turtleneck With No Sleeves

These are the trends that we wish never come back, right?

Bottom Line

Is it not amazing how every culture in the world has its own fashion trend? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that people get the most out of them for a longer period. However, you need to keep up with the latest trends and styles to stand out among the rest.

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