9 Ways to Play a Father-Son Duo in Sweatshirt for Men



That special day or event has been calling the father-son duo to style in a well-fitted and fashionable dressing. And if you haven’t slid into some cosy, stylish, and casual wear yet, like a sweatshirt for men, you will probably regret it later. These designer pieces aid you in hitting a perfect street style along with your champ, or you can layer them up on other fashion ensembles to form the desired look. 

And in case you are still confused, this article exclusively thrashes a debate around how a father-son duo can actually ace up a smart look in a sweatshirt. Let this article become your best guide if you are also willing to try something similar with your son/father.

These are the ways you can play a father-son duo in a good-looking Sweatshirt for Men. 

  • JUNGLE Sweatshirt

One of the most exciting sweatshirts likely to entertain everyone in your family is this statement piece. JUNGLE-themed sweatshirt is expected to serve the purpose pretty well because it carries a glare of naughtiness and playful spirits for which you and your son are notorious in society. However, in terms of styling, they are far beyond anything best you see in the market. 

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  • Cartoon-Themed Printed Version

Your son might have already built a strong connection with that Micky Mouse or Donald Duck, but it’s your turn to strengthen your bond with him. The duo must wear a cartoon-themed printed sweatshirt this time because it will create a picture-perfect moment. So what if it ended up looking a bit funny? It will be memorable! 

  • A Plain Sweatshirt may also Work.

A plain sweatshirt may work if you just want to prepare for an event but don’t want to miss a chance to look similar to young brothers. These staple dress codes will mitigate confusion in case you are unsure what to style along with your boy or father. The colour can range from your choice to anything that looks perfect as per your partner.  

  • FRIENDS Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt for Women

If you and your son share a friend-like love, affection and care, you should surely tap into this alternative. A sweatshirt with a FRIENDS logo beautifully translates the companionship you and your son share for each other. This statement piece can also be the best thing you can gift to your partner on that friendship day or any significant occasion where you find this thing a most suitable gift.  

  • Sweatshirt with BIKE MAN 

Men are fond of bikes. They are also known as a synonym for bike lovers, and if you and your son share similar interests, gift yourself this designer piece today. The BIKEMAN print on a sweatshirt looks fantastic, and the minimalistic colour scheme adds extra elegance to the overall dressing. But you can try some unique textures too. 

  • Some HOT BOYS Themes 

If you and your son look like twin brothers, of course, a HOT BOYS theme will suit you. However, you don’t need to embrace some evil-like textures here. Simply use any dark colour scheme that looks solid and attention-grabber, providing a crisp look to the duo. However, you can also wear jeans or any additional dressing element that gives you a hot appearance. 

  • Exploring Funky Textures 

Funky textures are also an excellent choice for a good reason. These textures can either be used as a dress code for an event or can be used just for styling or theme purposes. In terms of style, the concept is unbeatable. But make sure you aren’t using anything besides BASICS for the bottom to avoid looking odd to the public. You can try jeans or simple casual pants to look elegant as expected. 

  • Personality Describing Pieces 

Sweatshirt for Women

These personality-describing sweatshirts are the best gear to draw a smile on the viewer’s face. Thus they are the best suiting fashion wear for you and your son preparing for an event ahead and are excited to style in a coordinated dress. May be you both are angry birds, or kind hearted smart folks. You can describe everything about your personality through these sweat shirts.  

  • Keeping it Simply Black

When no other option is available, simply keep it to a basic black colour and rock the event. The son and father will look chic, fashionable and stylish in this black dress, so jump straight to the combination and grab the spotlight. However, you can also pair stylish blue jeans with a black tee.  

Final Words

It’s no longer hidden that sweatshirts for women are amongst the on-demand choices, but for men as well, these dress codes are not far from becoming the favourites. Therefore if you and your son are about to bang on a duo runway, look around. You have lovely varieties available in sweatshirts.