Find out more about Redfall at QuakeCon

Find out more about Redfall at QuakeCon

Bethesda has shown that Arkane’s new vampire sport, Redfall, gets a 30-minute slot at its upcoming QuakeCon tournament.

QuakeCon itself is set to kick off at 6 pm UK time on 18th August, while the Redfall-flavoured divulge will run for a half-hour from 6.15 pm and “takes you inside [Arkane’s] upcoming squad-based vampire shooter with new insights, gameplay details, and more!”

Other video games set to function within the presentation come with The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, and Quake. There’ll even be Q&As, quizzes, cosplay, and more.

You would possibly not need to be there in a particular person to get the inside track first-hand, even though; make a choice occasions can also be broadcast on the corporate’s reputable Twitch channels (thank you, NME).

As Victoria showed us a couple of weeks again, whilst you can play Redfall in co-op mode, the developer has published that you are going to handiest be capable of saving any progress you make in the game’s campaign if you are the host.

Redfall sport dressmaker Harvey Smith defined, “if you sign on with a friend and they’re halfway through the game, and you play the second half of the game with them and then you need to go back and you want to play on your own, you’ll be starting at the beginning of the campaign with a character”. He additionally mentioned that after getting began a marketing campaign with a personality, you might be “bound to [them]” for the remainder of the sport.

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