Gamik Technologies Private Limited

Gamik Technologies Private Limited

The Gamik Group’s site gives an abundance of data to financial backers, including a total rundown of monetary and working reports, news, and financial backer relations. The Company likewise keeps a functioning news page, as well as a total schedule of impending Groups. Note that the Company has deferred its 2019 yearly Group endlessly, yet the following yearly Group will be hung on April 26, 2020. This article frames the absolute most significant things to be aware of before putting resources into Gamik.

The Company is settled in Bangalore, India, and spotlights on creating programming for tabletop games. The Company’s chiefs are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. The latest accounting report recorded by the Company was documented on Walk 29, 2019, yet no other monetary data is accessible. GAMIK Advancements PRIVATE Restricted has not documented a report with the MCA in over four years.

More About GAMIK Public Company

  • GAMIK Advances PRIVATE Restricted is a public Company in India that gives programming and administration to table games. The Company recorded an accounting report with the MCA on May 18, 2019, however, has not documented an ongoing accounting report since its beginning. Its chiefs incorporate SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. This is a short rundown of GAMIK’s business.
  • GAMIK Advancements PRIVATE Restricted is a public Company in India. The Company’s portion cost has expanded by more than 40% since its first sale of stock in 2008. The Company’s profit has additionally expanded. Despite its somewhat short history, Gamik Innovation has kept on developing in esteem, with its portions expanding by over 40% in esteem since the 2008 Initial public offering. The last profit installment from GAMIK Gas And Oil has been roughly $1.6 million.
  • GAMIK Innovations PRIVATE Restricted is a privately owned business in India that offers to program for table games. Its most recent accounting report was documented on February 14, 2019. The Company’s chiefs are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. The Company is situated in Chennai, India. The accompanying data is a concise summation of GAMIK Innovations PRV LTD.
  • GAMIK Innovations PRIVATE Restricted is a privately owned business situated in India. It gives programming to tabletop games. Its chiefs incorporate SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. The Company has not documented its most recent monetary record since its consolidation. The investors of GAMIK Advances PRV LTD are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and HEYDA Group INC.
  • GAMIK Advances PRIVATE Restricted is a confidential restricted Company in India. A public restricted Company is recorded on the Stock Trade of India. Its chiefs are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. Its accounting report was recorded on Walk 29, 2019. Albeit GAMIK innovation is an exclusive firm, it is a public corporation in India.

Other Details

The Company’s chiefs are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY, and he is the overseer of the Company. The two are the Company’s just two representatives. The remainder of the Company is a public restricted Company that provisions prepackaged game programming. The investors of GAMIK innovation have an assortment of business valuable open doors, and the investors of this public firm ought to think about putting resources into it. A couple of Companys are the most ideal for long-haul speculations.

GAMIK Advancements PRIVATE Restricted is a public corporation in India that gives prepackaged game programming. The Company was consolidated on September 17, 2009, and is a confidential restricted Company. Its investors are situated in a few nations, including India and the US. The heads of the Company are SANDIP SUBHAM MOHANTY and RAVI NARAYAN. As of Walk 29, 2019, the Company has not documented a monetary record.

The issue with Gamik is that he bombs most clearly: he is a gamer.
Also, that is the greatest thing you can find out about him. You can see it in his eyes, your breath develops further when he lets you know this, and that is the ideal method for beginning a discussion. What’s more, obviously, for this reason, Gamik is so significant.

Gamik is a game that is not tied in with winning, but rather more about playing with one’s heart. That is something Gamik’s down should do, and it has done a ton of work in its turn of events. Be that as it may, I can see a ton of openings in Gamik’s reasoning — there are a ton of defects, and he needs to gain from them.

Yeah, Gamik is a great character, but he is also a bit of a dick.

Like a large portion of us, he trusts his plan on occasion. What’s more, subsequently, he can be to some degree confused. Be that as it may, I figure he turns out to be super useful places. For instance, when Gamik initially meets a young lady he has no assumptions about her, and he gets cleared up by her affection. He will be an old buddy for her, yet he won’t her sovereign appeal.

I truly like how Gamik is being taken by the new season’s personality, and he has a demeanor that makes things somewhat more straightforward for him. It’s practically similar to what he’s being taken benefit of. He’s a person that seems to be a person with a terrible past. Yet, Gamik is just a person that would be a smidgen engaging on the off chance that he was his self-expected father.

What is the truth about Gamik?

It’s a conventional name for the game, which for this situation should be another methodology game. The game is referred to, be that as it may, isn’t a system game. It is an ongoing system game. This implies that Gamik isn’t simply a conventional name for a game, it’s a genuine individual. In that capacity, Gamik is a genuine, no-nonsense person.


The game’s portion button has been repositioned on the game’s subtleties page. This button shows a thumbnail picture during the stacking system. At the point when shared, the offer button opens the game’s subtleties page. This takes care of the issue of the offer button not being apparent when the player shared the game. When a game is shared, it’s an extraordinary chance to spread the consciousness of its makers. Its social highlights likewise make it feasible for players to interface with each other on a more private level.



The company name is GAMIK TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED registered in Maharashtra.


CIN NUMBER of GAMIK TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is – U63030MH2021PTC358024. Corporate Identification Number ” sometimes referred to as CIN is a unique identification number that is assigned by the ROC (Registrar of Companies) of various states under the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).



How can Contact Company for Our Concern/Issue/Query?

You can Directly mail to Company Registered Email Id Which you Have Seen Above in Detail. Also, You Can post Your Query/concern/issue/feedback With The Given Form On Company Location Page. Your Query/concern/feedback/issue Directly Go to a Company Email ID with Us. Also, you can See Company Response to Your Feedback/Query/concern/issue on Our Customer Desk.

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