How To Play Minecraft And How To Be An Expert In It?

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming community. You can find the game simple and easy to play. But in reality, the game is deep. There are many different aspects. You have to mine, hunt, survive, and create many things. 

Some players are good at surviving, and some players are good builders in this game. Minecraft has survival, creative, hardcore, and adventure modes. First, you need to select one for yourself. I will tell you how to Play Minecraft and give you some tips and tricks to be an expert in this game.

How To Play Minecraft

There is no correct way to play Minecraft. Before starting your journey, you need to know a few things.

In The Main Menu, You Will Find

There is a single-player option and a multiplayer option. You can select the multiplayer option if you want to play with other players online. You can choose the language which is suitable for you. Also, you can select the graphics, mouse, difficulty, and general settings.

SinglePlayer Mode

This will be your first game, so follow these steps.

  1. Click on the SinglePlayer button. There will be a list of all the worlds. But in your case, the list will be empty.
  2. Click on the ‘create new world’ button. 
  3. In the box, type the name you want to give your world. Then, click on the ‘Create New World’ button to start.

There is an option to turn on the cheat. You can turn on the cheat if you want to explore the option. Cheats can increase and decrease the difficulty level. You can switch between adventure and creative mode.

What Is The Right Game Mode?

Minecraft has so many different modes, and every mode is unique.

  • In Survival Mode, where players need to survive in a new world. They need to gather material, build shelter and fight against hostile mobs.
  • In creative Mode, here players have access to everything. They are immortal, can fly, and have access to any block. 
  • Adventure Mode, in this mode, players need to complete adventures.
  • In Spectator Mode, players can spectate other players’ games invisibly in this mode. 
  • Hardcore Mode, this mode is similar to the survival mode. But this is extremely hard to play. Players cannot respawn, the map will delete, and players need to play from the beginning.

I will suggest you select the survival mode. This will be best suited to you.

How To Become An Expert

There are two different things you need to be good at. I will tell you the things separately.

  1. Become An Expert In Survival

To play like an expert, first, you need to learn different survival things.

  • If you want to be an expert in Minecraft, the first thing you should do is gather resources. You need to gather wood to create many things.
  • Shelters are important in Minecraft. Your first shelter will be temporary, but you will still need one. There are hostile mobs that can attack you in the daytime. A shelter can keep you safe. 
  • There are many things that you can craft. You need tools and weapons to survive. If someone asks me how to play Minecraft, my first answer will be crafting tools. You will need a sword, pickaxe, axe, how, shovel, torches, chest, bed, furnace, fishing rod, and boat to survive.
  • Finding food is one of the most crucial things to survive in Minecraft. You can craft different foods from crops and animals.
  • Try to explore your world, but don’t lose your map. Otherwise, you need to craft a new one.
  • Try to find a permanent base and build your home.
  • You need valuable resources to survive. For that, you need to go mining. Mining can give you iron, Redstone, gold, emerald, and diamond. You can find caves and mine, you will need a shovel for mining.’
  • You need to craft armors for more protection. There are four different pieces, the helmet, chest armor, pants, and shoes. 
  • For the food, you will need a constant source. Try to build farms, you can grow different crops.
  • There are different animals that you can tame. In this game, you can use horses, mules, dogs, wolves, llamas, and cats.
  • Try to learn the enchantments for perks and bonuses.
  • Exploring the nether is one of the best ways to survive.
  • Potions will help you to survive, you can make your potions. Try to learn that. 
  • There is a way to beat Minecraft. If you have got the answer to how to play Minecraft, now is the time to beat it. 

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  • Become An Expert In Build

Surviving is not the only way to play Minecraft. You need to be a good builder in this game.

  • You can be a pro by practicing in the creative mode.
  • You can spectate other people’s buildings and implicate them in your world.
  • It is better to draw your building before implying those in the actual game.
  • Coloring can make your buildings look creative. This way, you can be unique from others.
  • You have the basic blocks to build anything, try to give it a proper shape.
  • It is better to build with smaller blocks. 
  • You can give different roof angles by using the rows and columns of the blocks.
  • There are stairs, fences, slabs, and trap doors. Try to use these uniquely.
  • If you have mastered learning the Redstone mechanics, you will become a pro in this game.

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In The End

One thing is clear, you need to understand the game with your help of yourself. To more you experience, the more you will become a pro in this game. After all, Minecraft is a huge game to discover.

I am telling you a few cheats that you can use.

  • You can make the air from the torches while in the water.
  • You can use the torch to create and destroy any building.
  • You can use the magic wheel to add anything to your carnet.
  • Water is an endless resource. Try to make small ponds by creating a hole in the ground.
  • Try to remember all quick escape routes.
  • Try to land on water, this way you can avoid any health loss.
  • When it is raining, you will most likely catch a lot of fish.

Now, it is your time to enjoy and explore the game.