Latest Sonic Origins patch takes aim at Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s wonky Tails AI

Latest Sonic Origins patch takes aim at Sonic the Hedgehog 2's wonky Tails AI

Sega has launched some other spherical of fixes for Sonic Origins – the writer’s disappointing number of vintage Sonic platformers – this time aiming at Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s difficult Tails AI.

Sonic Origins used to be, to position it with politeness, somewhat of a multitude when it was introduced previous this 12 months and used to be plagued by way of sufficient presentational and technical problems – as extensively documented by way of Digital Foundry’s John Linneman – that its developer publicly hit out at Sega, pronouncing it used to be “very unhappy” at the state the sport was introduced in.

Since then, Sega has been running to mend a few of Origins’ extra egregious issues, and its newest patch – formally referred to as replace 1.04 – leads with an try to treat a broadly reported AI factor that may time and again reason Tails to is going off-screen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, not able to rejoin the motion. Sonic Origins – Good… But Should Have Been Great.

Beyond that, patch 1.04 guarantees a lot of different miscellaneous computer virus fixes, plus corrections to more than a few mislabelled soundtrack names in the museum, and a replacement to the Blue Sphere tune that is meant to now make it play at the right kind of velocity.

1.04 is not all computer virus fixes on the other hand; it additionally makes a lot of new Sonic Mania codes suitable with Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s sound check function, as detailed by TheOcelot01 on Twitter:

  • 6214 – disables Super Sonic tune
  • 19790811 – turns all enemies into squirrels “Ricky” when defeated
  • 19921124 – countless continues (works in Classic mode)
  • 20170815 – fly whilst Super Sonic (Egg Reverie Movement)
  • 19930923 – turns on Super Peel-Out
  • 47891 – turns all merchandise bins into query mark merchandise bins so what you get is random
  • 19910623 – adjustments flame, bubble, and lightning merchandise bins into Sonic 2 shields
  • 00000000 – eliminates all rings, merchandise bins, and particular level rings
  • 19940202 – adjustments identify display and zone identify playing cards to “Sonic The Hedgehog 3”, getting rid of “& Knuckles”
  • 19900306 – turns all Badniks into the penguin Badnik from Ice Cap
  • 32160 – provides Sonic drop sprint and install-shield in Competition mode, provides customary one-player mode physics in Competition mode, lets in Knuckles to drift in Competition mode

Sonic Origins’ 1.04 replace is to be had now on all platforms.

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