PUBG Battlegrounds update 19.1 is coming to PC next week

PUBG Battlegrounds update 19.1

PUBG Battlegrounds update 19.1

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ next large update, 19.1, is slated to free up on the tenth of August for PC and the 18th of August for consoles.

It features a new MP9 weapon – the primary fully-automatic SMG that makes use of 9mm – a brand new automobile that may see you “zipping down roads with sirens ablaze” (so now not for the stealthy, it kind of feels), and the Blue Chip Detector tactical equipment which makes use of number one weapon slots however can be utilized to scan for enemies inside a 100m radius; you’ll be able to see the closest 12 enemies at the map.

We’ll additionally get our collective fingers at the brand-new 1500hp Folding Shield and “once again have the opportunity to drop onto the Haven map”. The update additionally brings “familiar foes” from the recently-announced Assassin’s Creed season.

ICYMI, the crossover match for PUBG will deliver Assassin’s Creed-themed cosmetics, occasions, and “world elements” from the seventeenth of August till the twenty-second of September, in addition to themed assets and props at the Haven map the place you simply would possibly discover a hidden Animus device and Leap of Faith ledges.

There’s additionally some Assassin-flavoured equipment coming to New State Mobile too – the cell PUBG – which incorporates “over 30 unique Assassin’s Creed-themed costumes, such as Ezio’s Outfit and Shay’s Outfit weapon skins, and collaboration crates”, in addition to limited-time occasions. Play day-to-day to obtain log-in rewards from 18th August till twenty-first September.

“As part of the ongoing collaboration between PUBG: Battlegrounds and Assassin’s Creed, players will be able to discover a variety of themed resources and props on the Haven map, now available again for the first time since Season 16,” Krafton explains.

“Abstergo Industries has taken over one of the map’s main buildings, complete with a hidden Animus machine and strategically placed “Leap of Faith” ledges on the building’s rooftop. In addition, the collaboration gives players the chance to earn themed cosmetic rewards through gameplay, including new costumes, bag skins, a parachute skin, an emote, and more.”

PUBG’s “hottest destination”, new map Deston, is out now on PC and console. It’s the primary new map to come to the fight royale because it went free-to-play.

Deston features a flooded downtown, a swamp, coastlines, “one of the tallest skyscrapers in the game” in addition to the Lodge, the “biggest building ever made” within the sport.

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