Sustainable Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

Fashion Trends for Summer

Fashion Trends for Summer

Sustainability is no longer just for eco-warriors.  For a better future, we all have to play a part in it. Therefore, it is past time for us as humans to shake hands with the people who have helped us survive in today’s world despite all the pollution in this unhealthy environment. Thus, sustainable fashion includes the production of apparel, footwear, and accessories in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible as well as the adoption of more sustainable consumption along with the use of patterns, both of which require changes in consumer attitudes and behavior.

It should come as no surprise that a lot of fashion designers concentrate on this subject from different perspectives. They frequently work with brands to promote ethical consumer spending. Living sustainably simply means using as few resources as possible and harming the environment as little as possible.

Everyone wants a swig of this heady brew, and we caught up with some of the leading designer brands from Pakistan who are the torchbearers heralding the trends of Sustainable fashion.

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The fastest-growing fashion retail company in Pakistan and the ground-breaking action it has taken for the environment are topics of debate everywhere. Sapphire’s most recent endeavor to lessen fashion waste in Pakistan is called Weaving Green, a campaign that introduced their sustainable fashion line created only from ethical production processes, reused fabric, and reduced water consumption. For a moment, allow the grandeur of that to soak in.

One of the few companies in Pakistan is actively working to build a fashion retail industry that puts its focus on the future. It’s a great step on the right path to going green! This program is a step in the right way that will hopefully inspire other firms, other industries, and the general public to embrace ethical behaviors. Their most recent sustainable fashion line will be released around Independence Day. You might start by investing in a kurta from their sustainable clothing and online women’s dresses collection to start dressing in meaningful and impactful clothing that will benefit Pakistan and the rest of the world in the long run.

Noorjehan Bilgrami at KOEL

Nevertheless, there are some loyal supporters of slow fashion on the market, especially pioneers like Noorjehan Bilgrami who, despite significant industry shifts, have maintained their position and solely created long-lasting, organic fashion items.

For the past forty years, Bilgrami has stocked her timelessly beautiful pieces at Koel Gallery in Karachi. Speaking with Images, Bilgrami revealed that handwoven fabric is primarily used at Koel.

Bilgrami contends that fast fashion is a byproduct of consumerism and a way of thinking that values the timeless over change.

It’s a Western idea to make clothing obsolete for the following season. In our eastern mindset, textiles were always enduring and passed down through the years. If the cloth was given out, it could be recycled, making them sustainable.

The Top Sustainable Fashion Trends for Your Summer Clothing

Sustainability in the fashion industry is challenging but not impossible. Utilize the items listed below to take the initial step in that direction. These are a true blessing for your wardrobe because they are made naturally with no environmental impact and are made to withstand the test of time and fashion.

Embroidered Recycled Cotton Short Shirt 

This embroidered recycled cotton short shirt with a sleek silhouette set deserves to win despite the abundance of lawn clothing suits available online because of its adaptability. This offers you the impression of possessing numerous outfits without really having them because it is versatile as a set and can be styled separately with practically any article of apparel. Additionally, because this ethnic suit is entirely made of natural materials and is embellished with floral patterns, it is sustainable in the truest sense.

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Recycled Cotton Long Shirt with Bell Bottom 

Natural and synthetic fibers can both contribute to sustainability. However, sustainability isn’t truly type-focused. It simply refers to consuming less, recycling more, reducing, and utilizing less. This long, bell-bottomed shirt made of recycled cotton is the ideal hue to go with practically anything. Its longevity is increased by the V Neckline and Plain Front.

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Mid-length Embroidered Recycled Cotton Shirt with Recycled Cotton Crisp Shalwar 

Choose any Medium length embroidered recycled cotton shirt and combine it with a recycled cotton crisp shalwar now or later, and you’ll know it’s here to stay! Different colors and designs of materials and western-colored apparel come and go. It is a mix that has long dominated the ethnic scene, and there is a good probability it will continue to do so. It is not surprising that these made the list of classic ethnic ready-made dresses given their outstanding visual appeal, painstaking yet careful construction process, and unmatched adaptability. Once you wear it, you’ll be forever in love with its ease and grace!

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Recycled Textured Cotton Shirt with Straight Pants

A must-have is this textured cotton Kurti with Placket. Why? Because it has a nice appearance, it goes well with any kind of bottom, including straight-fit ethnic pants, palazzo pants, and denim, and unlike the prints on cheap Kurtis, the fusion is permanent! You now know what belongs in your capsule wardrobe, if that is a component of your sustainability strategy!

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Bold-hued Silhouette with Embroidery Detail

The benefit of purchasing ethnic goods from Sapphire is that they genuinely mean it when they say that something is sustainable. Consider the sharply colored silhouette seen here. It can be worn as both a dress and a kurta, and the embroidery detail adds color and stylish touch. The fairly sourced and sewn cotton shirt retains its shape when washed by hand and does not shrink after numerous items of washing! Yes, there are many ethnic hand-cotton dresses available that can improve your appearance. But this one can improve your mood. And what a priceless sensation!

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