UN Security Council holds emergency meeting over Gaza fighting

UN Security Council holds emergency meeting over Gaza fighting | Israel-Palestine conflict News

The UN Security Council has held an emergency meeting to speak about the placement in Gaza, with several participants elevating considerations amid a delicate ceasefire between Israel and Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian armed workforce, after 3 days of Israeli air raids on the territory.

Speaking by the use of video at the beginning of the meeting, UN Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland warned: “The ceasefire is fragile. Any resumption of hostilities will only have devastating consequences for Palestinians and Israelis and make any political progress on key issues elusive.”

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia wired the council was once “deeply concerned by this turn of events, which could lead to the resumption of a fully-fledged military confrontation and a further worsening of the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza”.

At least 44 Palestinians — just about part of them civilians, together with 15 kids — had been killed after Israel started a sequence of bombardments of Islamic Jihad positions in Gaza on Friday. Hundreds of other people within the territory had been injured, in step with Gaza’s well-being ministry.

The armed workforce fired hundreds of rockets in reaction, however, maximum had been intercepted or blown up. Israeli emergency services and products mentioned 3 other people had been injured using shrapnel and 31 others were relatively harmed.

The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire got here into drive on Sunday evening, however, each side has reserved a suitable reply if the ceasefire is breached.

Wennesland mentioned that the UN’s overview of the violence was once ongoing, noting that “some 20 percent” of the roughly 1,100 rockets fired using armed Palestinian teams had fallen throughout the Gaza Strip.

The fighting was once the worst in Gaza since closing 12 months’ 11-day warfare that killed a minimum of 250 other people.

Ahead of the meeting, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan known for the council to put “full accountability” on Islamic Jihad.

“There must be one outcome and one outcome only, to condemn the [Islamic Jihad] for its double war crimes while placing the full accountability … for the murder of innocent Palestinians on the shoulder of the radical terror group,” he mentioned at a press briefing.

“They fire rockets at Israeli civilians while using Gazans as human shields. This is a double war crime,” he mentioned.

American UN ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield supported “Israel’s right to defend its people against terrorist threats”.

“This Council should be able to come together and unconditionally repudiate the terrorism of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, whose reckless actions have put the lives of civilians, on both sides, at risk,” she mentioned.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour condemned Israel’s “unjustified aggression”.

“Are you ready to say enough is enough? As the highest authority responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security?” he demanded. “How many more children do we have to bury until someone says enough is enough?”

The Security Council’s consultations came about at the UN headquarters in New York.

No observation is predicted after the closed-door meeting, which can apply the open debate, several diplomatic assets advised the AFP information company.

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